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HSE Walkdown Report

Updated: May 26, 2022

In this post we are going to know about HSE Walkdown Report.

HSE Walkdown shall be conducted by HSE department with internal management or client on weekly basis.

Some observation are given below with suggested corrective action.

Observation :- In Cluster 'E' excavation pit hard barricading missing on East & north side.

Suggested Corrective Action :- Provision of hard barricading to excavation pit.

Observation :- Electrical cable found lying on ground level in Cluster 'E'.

Suggested Corrective Action :- Provision to overhead a electrical cable.

Observation :- Steel scrap has found in hazardous condition at steel yard.

Suggested Corrective Action :- After cutting the steel scrap must be removed at the same time and should be dump in scrap yard.

Observation :- Dewatering pump installed at the edge of the excavation in Cluster 'E'.

Suggested Corrective Action :- Dewatering pump should be out of hard barricading.

Observation :- Cutting & bending machine found without shed & also electrical cable lying on ground level.

Suggested Corrective Action :- Provision of shed arrangement to Cutting & bending machine & also electrical cable should be on underground.

Observation :- In Cement godown improper illumination found during night work.

Suggested Corrective Action :- Provision of appropriate illumination in Cement godown during night work.

Observation :- Water storage tank near batching plant found without barricading or cover.

Suggested Corrective Action :- To provide hard barricading or cover to water storage tank.

HSE Walkdown
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