How To Calculate SWL of Scaffold or Safe Working Load of Scaffold?

How To Calculate Safe Working Load or SWL of Scaffold?
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How To Calculate Safe Working Load or SWL of Scaffold?

SWL of Scaffold : Before working on any scaffolding, it is mandatory to calculate the SWL of Scaffold. If work is allowed on it without calculating the SWL of Scaffold, then there is a possibility that the scaffolding may collapse due to excessive load.

The biggest reason for the collapse will be that all the people working there will be unaware of the load capacity of the scaffold. Because the workers have been allowed to work without taking out the SWL. So let’s take out the SWL of the scaffolding. .

SWL Calculation of Scaffold

Calculation of SWL of scaffolding should be known from the supervisor working on the site to the safety supervisor to the safety manager who is supervising the work related to safety. So that during the site visit, by calculate the load capacity of the scaffolding, they can ease the safety of the work. can check from

To calculate SWL of any scaffolding, follow the following formula, so that SWL can be easily calculated-

SWL=D+(4 x L)

D = Dead Load (Weight of Scaffolding Components +Working Platform)

L = Live Load (Weight of Workers +Material +Tools)

Assuming that-

D = 100 kg

Total number of workers = 3

Workers-A = 70Kg, B = 55Kg, C = 65kg

It means total weight of workers = 190 kg

Tools Weight=200 Kg

Material Weight=1000 Kg

Apply Formula-

SWL = D + (4 x L)


=100+(4 x 1390)



Convert into Ton=5660/1000

=5.66 Ton

Hence, SWL of scaffolding is 5.66 Ton.

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