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Safety Audit
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Safety Audit

Safety audit is a structured process, under which the company’s health and safety management system is checked to see how effective and reliable it is and how efficiently the system is working.

Safety Audits Purpose

There are two main objectives of conducting safety audits

1) The first purpose of its conduct is whether all those safety and health rules are being followed inside the company or not, which is the responsibility of the employer to follow and get it done. It is operated only by the employee of the security company.

2) It is used to find out the weakness of the company’s safety program and process. Such safety audits are used within the company as a guide to design the safety plan and identify safety corrective actions.

Types of Safety Audit

1. Internal Audit – This audit is done by the safety employees of the company. This is done so that the safety inside the company can be further improved. But its disadvantages also come out, such as – during the Safety Audit if any employee, unsafe If caught working in a wrong way, then he is left only with scolding and not fined in any way that let’s say WH is an employee of the company whereas according to the rules this should not happen.

2. External Audit – External safety audit is done by an outside agency, an employee of the government or a third party. It is completely different from Internal Audit. During this audit, if an employee is found working in an unsafe manner or the company does not follow the safety guide line set by the government, then the audit team imposes a big penalty on the company. fine is imposed. That’s why HR possible effort is made to provide the documentation required by the auditor during external audit.

Safety Audit Procedure

1. Audit Objective – Under the audit, it is known that what is the purpose of the audit, and how important it is for the entire organization. And in which area it is needed, it is focused on.

2.Selection of Audit Team – According to this point, how many or how many employees are there in the audit team, it depends on the company whether the company is small or big.

3. Contact with Organization Being – This point says that before going to audit, contact that company. And will explain our audit plan, and demand the documentation that will be required for the audit.

4.Under Taking the Audit – Under this, the auditors visit the company which is to be audited and ask for the documentation required during the audit, such as RA Sheet, Checklist, Work Permit System, etc., and then the papers of the old audit. Let’s order it. And by matching the new one, we find out that how much improvement the company has made in safety, if the variation is more, then the company is punished accordingly.

5. Conclusion – According to this, the auditor analyzes what is being audited. And the point at which he has doubt, he clears it by contacting the organization.

6. Providing Reports of Finding – Finally, he makes his report and informs the company about the shortcomings he finds during the safety audit, that too by highlighting them in a written document.

7. Action by the Organization – The shortcomings found by the auditor team while conducting the safety audit inform the company about it and see whether the company tries to remove the safety issue or not.

Safety Audit
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