When More Accidents Happen at Workplace

When More Accidents Happen at Workplace
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When More Accidents Happen at Workplace

When you are working in a company, then suddenly accidents start increasing at the work site, then everyone from the safety department to the employer, management gets worried about this. It is natural for them to be worried. Because under the BOCW Act, the first priority of any company should be the safety of the workers. And in such a situation, a safety professional is kept inside the company. Whose responsibility is to keep the workers safe. In such a situation, it is natural for them to be worried.

By the way, there is a provision to investigate even small accidents in the company. But the visiting safety steward on behalf of the HSE Department ignores it considering it a small accident, which later becomes a headache for him.

In such a situation, the safety person should take the accident seriously, whether the accident is small or big. Then the accidents happening at his site can be stopped.

Follow the below points

Some points are given below in which there are some questions whose answer should be found by all together so that the accident can be controlled. The points are as follows.

1. When minor accidents start happening on the site every day, then it should be understood that supervision is not being done properly. Why supervision is not happening properly, one should try to find the answer to this question as soon as possible.

2. Observe yourself and see whether the designation you are on and whether you are completing the work honestly or not.

3. Whether the conduction of TBT or safety meeting is being done by the competent person or not.

4. All the employees related to safety, whether they visit the site from time to time or not, if not, then what is the reason for it. Make every possible effort to find out.

5. Internal Audit is done from time to time or not. If it is done then it is not taken seriously by the workers? If it is not taken then what is the reason for it.

6. The supervisor at the work place is not putting pressure on the workers for quick work by saying urgent work. If so, then it is wrong and try to stop it as soon as possible.

7. Basically pay attention to the accident and try to find out that in which area the maximum number of accidents are happening, keep on trying to find out its root causes.

8. In the company, you have to see whether the workers are being given tool tackles from time to time by the management or not, if not then why not? It is your responsibility to do this.

9. It is necessary to see how aware the workers are about PPE’S. If you feel that the workers are not very serious about Personal Protective Equipment, then the safety manager should take the answer from his department and show readiness to remove it.

10.Safety Manager should ask his department to know the whole day’s work activity and submit its report before going home. If an employee is inattentive, then ask questions to him without getting an answer, but take action against him.

11. There is a need to consider what the company has learned from all the previous accidents and what steps the employer has taken to remove such accidents. If the employer is not coming forward from anywhere to prevent accidents in future, then it is worth considering.

12. Whether Near Miss, First Aid or reportable accident is investigated with promptness or not.

13. Whether the safety department and the safety profession related to it are doing their work responsibly or not.

14. To prevent accidents in the company, it is necessary to run awareness campaign from time to time. And with this, the boost DNA is necessary to increase the level of protection.

If you find the answer to the question given in the above points and follow it, then you can bring the accident under control to a great extent and keep all the employees working there safe.

When More Accidents Happen at Workplace
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